Earth Day Fashion Show to highlight style, substance

A black cotton eighties dress, that clasps at the neck and hangs to the ground, sits on a hanger at a vintage store in Miami. The lonely dress that is overlooked by many buyers becomes Ashley Nobbe’s next creation.

Nobbe takes vintage and slightly worn clothes and remakes them into unique and mainstream styles. Her line is called Fabulous Fashion Finds. Most of her sales are made online to local, national and international buyers.

She is one of the designers showing her collection at the University of Miami’s Earth Day Fashion show on April 22 at 7 p.m on the U.C. Green. All of the clothing and accessories that go down the runway will be made from eco-friendly or up-cycled materials.

“I like creating something and giving it to someone,” says Nobbe. “Every piece that I sell to somebody, I have an emotional attachment to and it’s like I’m so happy she found a home.”

Click to listen to an interview with fashion designer Ashley Nobbe.

Students will have the opportunity to browse and purchase Nobbe and other designers’ items from this fashion show after the Hug-the-Lake event on Earth Day that takes place at noon on Apr. 22. This event will take place at the UC Patio.

“I’m so excited for UM students to see my designs in person because online they get to see them, but it’s not the same as in the flesh,” says Nobbe.

Melissa Glass, a recent UM graduate, is organizing the fashion show and the shopping event. She has been working with many designers like Dorianne Agostini, Alicia Marin, Ana Galano, Ashley Nobbe and more, to put the show together.

“The fashion show sounds like it’s going to be really fun,” says junior Allie Butler. “I’ve considered signing up to model, but either way I’m definitely going to be at the show.”