Concert Review: Ying Yang Twins


As part of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s philanthropy fundraiser, Paddy Murphy Week, the Ying Yang Twins performed to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals. The concert was free for students, but donations were eagerly accepted by SAE brothers standing at the door.

The night began with an opening set by Beckham County Trainwreck.

“When we were looking for an act, we just thought that a hip-hop act that has a jam band at the beginning provides a perfect combination,” said Danny Casamayor, an SAE brother who helped to plan the event. “It was something for everyone.”

After an intermission, the Ying Yang Twins made their appearance. The Atlanta-based duo started the night strong with a mixture of their own songs.

“The concert is really good, I liked the Whisper Song,” senior Jayme Kackley said. “It’s nice to have a free concert on campus, something to do.”

After playing their most popular hits, the Twins moved on to covers of contemporary songs, such as “Whatever You Like” by T.I.

“I think it’s cool because it gets more people involved that might not know all their music,” senior Juan Carlos Matos said.

Even after the Ying Yang Twins left the stage, students continued to dance to beats from the DJ.

“I think the Ying Yang Twins put on a great show… They kept the whole crowd into the show,” Casamayor said. “They were definitely a performance from the moment they pulled up to the moment they pulled out.”