Voters keep incumbents in Coral Gables elections, term limits and length changed

Voters chose decisively to keep the current Coral Gables commission intact Tuesday, as both Maria Anderson and Ralph Cabrera were re-elected to their posts in the city government.

Cabrera defeated challenger Richard Martin II with 77 percent of the vote, totaling 4,503 votes to Martin’s 1,311.

The more competitive race featured Anderson against developer Gonzalo Sanabria. Anderson held off the challenger with 55 percent of the vote, beating Sanabria 3,301 to 2,656. The race was expected to be closer, as Sanabria began campaigning in October for the position.

The major change was the approval of charter amendment three, which reverted the term length of the city’s mayor to two years, a change from just two years ago, when voters approved a four-year term. Voters approved the measure by fewer than 100 total votes, with yes getting 2,949 and the no’s getting 2,876.

Charter amendment four also imposed term limits for commissioners and mayor of eight and 12 years, respectively.