Frost songwriting ensemble performs at Books & Books

TANYA THOMPSON // Assistant Photo Editor

The Frost School of Music songwriting ensemble performed at Books & Books in Coral Gables Wednesday night. The class, listed as MSJ 139 and taught by Professor Rey Sanchez, was based around early American folk music such as country and bluegrass. Nine student songwriters and two accompanying student musicians performed cover songs and original tunes inspired by those studied in class.

Alessandrea Levy, a sophomore majoring in jazz vocal performance, played bass for the ensemble. She said, “It’s fun for me because I’m learning how to write in different styles.”

Arielle Galante, a junior majoring in harp performance, translated what she learned to her instrument on her original hillbilly-style song called “Burn Them in the Bathroom Sink.” “I tried to imitate a banjo on the harp,” she said, with “fast licks with my right and in between the boom-chk boom-chk in the left hand.”