Flight of the Conchords likes to rock the party, does so at BankUnited

flightWhoever said that Flight of the Conchords was New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo a capella rap-funk-comedy folk duo certainly didn’t tell the fans who were in attendance at their BankUnited Center concert this past Tuesday.

To the audience members – ranging from preteen hipsters to middle-aged parents and everything in between – Flight of the Conchords were rock gods of the highest order. Every single thing that Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement said elicited delighted applause, passionate shrieks, and even a marriage proposal or two.

Flight of the Conchords developed a cult following after HBO began airing the eponymous television series in 2007. While the show chronicles their move to New York and their attempts to develop an American fan base, in real life, McKenzie and Clement are nearly entirely different people. Of course, they’re still ridiculously funny and almost painfully attractive.

An audience favorite was cellist Nigel – no last name given – who was dubbed “The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.” He accompanied the two on many songs during the latter half of the set. Other performances of “Jenny,” “Too Many Dicks On the Dance Floor” and “Bowie” were huge hits with the audience.

Cast member Kristen Schaal, who plays stalker-fan Mel on the show, was not as amusing, though. Her opening comedy routine lasted a bit too long, and while some bits were kind of funny, for the most part, it was just filler.

From the hilarious banter between songs and “sad lighting,” to the band’s declaration of commitment to social activism and support of mermaids – “anything Bono’s into, we’re into” – this concert was one not to be missed.