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John Cena goes “12 Rounds” with The Miami Hurricane

If Popeye were a real man, he would be John Cena. The WWE champion wrestler has a massive upper body that is imposing and seems to take up lots of space in the room. He looks like the kind of man that could crush a hand during a handshake. But Cena has a warm and personable presence. He is a self described “frustrated Yankee,” who wants to be a cowboy deep down inside.

Cena is a man of many faces. On one hand he is a WWE wrestler that is known for his persona in the ring. On the other hand, he is an emerging action star. According to some reviews, 12 Rounds is Cena’s anointing into action stardom. “This was a great film to do, and if people like what I did with the part I had to play then that’s great,” said Cena in an interview with The Miami Hurricane.

A cast with prior movie experience, and directors and producers that had an impressive list of credits surrounds Cena in “12 Round,” especially considering that Renny Harlin is the director. “Everyone was really patient with me…everyone helped me grow,” he said.

According to Cena, the role seemed to fit as soon as it was pitched to him.

“I can relate to Danny Fisher…he’s an every man kind of guy. I even relate to the little dog that he has,” Cena said of the

The connection between Cena and Fisher, who is forced to complete “rounds” of challenges to save his kidnapped girlfriend, seems so far fetched, but Cena is a regular guy just like his character. He may not be perfect, but he is always trying to do right by those around him.

While making the film Cena had to juggle his WWE schedule with shooting. When he was done with his wrestling obligations, he flew to New Orleans, where the movie was being filmed. Then, after late hours on the streets of the Big Easy, Cena had to catch a flight back to wherever his wrestling obligations needed him to be. He hopes that the commitment he gave to the role shows on the screen.

“I think people will really like this film…I know it’s the kind of movie I would go see.”

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