The art and consumption of stripping is redefined in the technological age


That eight-letter word carries so many connotations. Slut, whore, skank, AIDS, drugs, blue-balls, amazing, hilarious, etc. But what was stripper life like prior to the Internet? If you were out on the town with some of your boys looking for a little show to end the night, you might think of BT’s or Tootsie’s or one of those raunchy clubs where half of the scumbags in Miami-Dade county flock when their wives kick them out of the house. But there is another option.

The idea of in-call strip shows is not a new concept, but no matter what, you are going to deal with some sketchy people if you want to make it happen. With the introduction of, anyone looking for a show is in luck. Under “Personals”, check out “Casual Encounters” and you’ll see what I mean: a seemingly infinite catalog of males, females, trannies, midgets and the like at your fingertips, just waiting to be called up.

What is this world coming to? Whatever it is, I like it. Gather some of your closest friends, a few bottles of KY Jelly and some party streamers and call up a few of these Craigslist girls. Most of them will do anything. Tell them to bring a friend. Double the fun.

A group that calls themselves “Hot White Productions” is well known for holding events such as this. After one of their friends won $5,000 on the Super Bowl this year, there was only one logical thing to spend some of that money on: strippers.

Yes, the boys of Hot White could have gone to BT’s right across the street from their South Miami home, but they wanted to change things up a bit. They spent twenty minutes perusing their Craigslist options and finally made a decision. One phone call and thirty minutes later, two lovely ladies knock on the door.

The boys of Hot White weren’t messing around that night. The four couches in the living room were set up in a circle around a stage made up of a dirty bed sheet. On the ground next to the bed sheet laid a bottle of KY Jelly and a huge black dil—well you know.

The girls walked in, smiling cheek to cheek, politely exchanged introductions with the boys and proceeded with their show. This is not the right publication to describe the show. About an hour after their arrival, they got dressed, waved goodbye and kissed each and every boy on the cheek. What a night it was for the boys of Hot White Productions.

The point here is to raise questions. Should that be OK? In a society that condemns sexual exploitation, should you be able to order a stripper online? It’s brilliant, but on Craigslist? Yeah, the pimp on the other end of the phone might ask if you’re 18, but no one’s IDing at the door. Legal or not, the exchange of money for pleasure is evolving with the Internet at the same rate, if not faster, than music downloads and other legal activities. Is that OK?