SG President Brandon Gross and Zeta member Michelle Della Guardia crowned Greek God and Goddess

    University of Miami student government president and Sigma Chi brother Brandon Gross is crowned Greek God by Greek Goddess and Zeta Tau Alpha sister Michelle Della Guardia in this year's Greek God and Goddess Competition Friday night. DOMINIQUE RIOFRIO // Hurricane Staff

    Crowds of University of Miami fraternity and sorority members gathered in the School of Communication courtyard for the Greek God and Goddess Pageant on Friday. The winners of this year’s pageant were senior Brandon Gross, the president of Student Government and a brother of Sigma Chi, and junior Michelle Della Guardia, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha.

    “It was a really fun experience, all of Greek life came to the event and to go up there and have fun in front of my brothers and everyone else in Greek life was a really fun time,” Gross said. “It was cool to be crowned.”

    Surrounding the courtyard, three floors of people represented their Greek letters and cheered on their chosen delegates as they competed in the pageant.

    “The Greek God and Goddess Pageant is one of our best events,” said Michael Menendez, a sophomore and member of Alpha Sigma Phi. “It’s great to see all the different fraternities and sororities getting together to support their representatives.”

    The event, which serves to raise funds for philanthropic causes such as United Cerebral Palsy as well as unite the Greek community on campus, marked the last event of Greek Week 2009 before the climactic Olympic Day on Saturday.

    This year, the contestants showed off their skills while dressed as buccaneers, staying true to the week’s pirate theme.

    Several judges, sitting below the stage, observed the contestants, who competed in three competitions.

    The first competition was an interview, during which representatives were asked a series of questions – some serious, some downright silly – that put their creativity and wits to the test.

    When asked what cartoon character she would date, Della Guardia electrified the audience of students with her humorous response about SpongeBob SquarePants.

    “The interview portion was the best because the questions were difficult, it’s difficult to think on your feet, especially when you’re in a pirate costume,” Della Guardia said.

    The second competition was the talent show, which opened the floor for people to show off some impressive and hilarious acts. From river dancing pirates to pyro magicians, these contestants danced to music by the classic rock band Journey, provided their own take on Eminem’s “Slim Shady” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” and even gave stand-up comedy a shot.

    “The talent competition is the most fun out of all of them,” said Tori Riley, a junior and member of Delta Gamma. “That’s when people show their true colors.”

    Gross sang Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You, Babe,” in a duet with Hattie Wellington, a senior and member of Delta Gamma.

    The third and final competition was the fashion portion, when each representative flashed their formal attire, complete with a few tuxedos.

    In an interview with The Miami Hurricane, Della Guardia said that she would like to thank all of her supporters.

    “I’ve been wearing my crown all weekend,” Della Guardia said.