Mango and Manny’s the U’s most popular restaurant

A line forms in front of the food court's most popular spot, Mango and Manny's Marketplace. MATT WALLACH // Hurricane Staff

Walking by a jam-packed Rathskeller could lead some to believe that the lakeside restaurant is the University of Miami’s most popular, but recent findings by Auxiliary Services indicate that Mango and Manny’s, located in the UC food court, is the top dining option of choice.

Mango and Manny’s, which opened in the fall of 2007,  is a Caribbean-style restaurant that offers jerk chicken, Cuban sandwiches and rotisserie chicken.

Mel Tenen, assistant vice president of Auxiliary Services, pointed to the excellent food quality at a cheap price as the reason for Mango and Manny’s success.

“Mango and Manny’s is extremely popular. It has terrific price points on the four and five varieties of chop-chop,” Tenen said. “The demand for the chop-chop and the rotisserie chicken in addition to everything else at Mango and Manny’s is phenomenal.”

Mango and Manny’s offers its half rotisserie chicken with rice and beans for a mere $5.89. Its original chop-chop is only $3.49.

Quality food at reasonable prices are restaurant traits many students look for, especially in today’s economy.

“Their food is delicious, I really enjoy it,” freshman Sophia Schneider said. “I go twice a week, usually Monday and Wednesday.”

Although Mango and Manny’s is the top-dog of the food court, Mel Tenen said that there is another restaurant on its heels. “Wendy’s has taken a big upward jump this semester and we attribute that a lot to their value meals and their combo meals for the price-conscious consumer.”