International students getting more scholarship information

In the midst of a global financial crisis, international students at the University of Miami are searching for new ways to overcome the economic chaos.

“We have received a great number of students that are very concerned in getting … a scholarship in the past year”, Mark Reid, an international admission counselor, said. “Surprisingly the number of applicants has been steady, so far.”

The Office of International Admissions and Office of Financial Aid are helping these students find this support.

These two offices are organizing information from foundations around the world that give scholarships to foreign students studying in the United States. Students will be able to apply through a link, titled database for non US citizens, found on the Office of International Admission’s website.

The website will take students to a link where they will be able to see their own country’s specific requirements in getting aid. If the student meets all the requirements, then they can fill out an application.

“We are trying to put all the requirements for each country into a single link, that way the students find the exact information needed for them, and is able to apply immediately,” Reid said.

The website is under construction. Reid expects it to be available before next semester’s application deadline. This way, hopeful students will be able to get aid for the academic term.

“We are just waiting for the financial office to put the information together,” Reid said.

International students, especially those coming from developing countries, are facing a tough reality. With the economy also showing signs of distress in their countries of origin, many are having trouble paying school and bills.

With UM announcing this past week that tuition will increase next semester, Maria Andrea Cardenas, an international student from Mexico, is worried.

“The only way I continue to study at UM is if I find a job”, said Cardenas. “I feel relieved to know that the international admissions office cares and wants to help out. It will be the best solution for me and others.”