Greeks and Hillel partner for good cause

Diana Rubin, a junior. and Amy Levine, a sophmore, have paired up to create an event that brings together UM’s Hillel and their soriority, Zeta Tau Alpha.

“Partnering it up shows how organizations on campus can work together for a good cause,” said Rubin.

For Feb. 27, the theme at Shabbat, which happens every Friday at Hillel, is geared towards raising money for the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation. This money then goes toward Breast Cancer and Education and Awareness.

The Rabbinic Director Robyn Fisher says that every Shabbat has a theme. For this particular themed Shabbat, Rubin and Levine are hoping that people will wear pink and donate $5 to the cause.

Shabbat services at Hillel are at sundown and followed by a dinner. It is open to everyone, not just members of the Jewish community.

“It is affiliated with Jewish culture because of the night it is on, but it is not just for Jews,” said Rubin.

The Greek-Hillel Connection

This is just one of the ways that Hillel has tried to get involved with the Greek community on campus.

Program Director Dan Yagudin has started a program called Jewish Greek Liaisons in an effort to bring Hillel to the Greek community on campus and make both organizations stronger.

Several of the students in Hillel believe that programs, such as this one, has helped to make Hillel friendlier and that Yagudin has really helped to change the environment of Hillel.

“Helping promote awareness about breast cancer is a Jewish value. It is showcasing Jewish values to community,” said Yagudin.