Career questions to be addressed at Major and Minor Fair Wednesday

Whether mom and dad are hassling you about switching to pre-law or you’re uncertain about your career path, the Toppel Career Center’s Major and Minor Fair may have answers.

The event will take place in the University of Miami’s UC lower lounge from 1 to 4 p.m Wednesday.  Eight of the university’s nine schools will be present to answer a range of advising and curriculum questions.  The lone exception is the Frost School of Music, which is not participating this year.

“The average college student changes majors three to five times,” said Alicia Rodriguez, associate director for career development at Toppel.

This fair will be especially helpful to students who are either unable to procure appointments with a new school, or who feel intimidated by the whole process of talking to faculty.  Walking up to a table allows a student to cut through all of the red tape and approach a professor who previously seemed aloof.

“I’m not saying it is impossible, but it’s a challenge, to get an appointment,” Rodriguez said.  “This is the easy way to connect with people.”

Even if you are stanchly focused on your major, friendly faculty will pilot you to a minor that might be left unexplored.  Adding a minor makes you marketable to employers in a tough economy, Rodriguez added.  Registration for fall classes begins Jan. 13.

Although banners and flyers touting the event have been stapled to dormitory bulletin boards, many students, especially the underclassmen it caters to, may not have seen the reminders.

“I didn’t know about the fair next week,” Hilary Barr, an undeclared freshman, said. Barr has prior engagements, but adds that she would likely go now that she has heard about it.

“I don’t have a major yet because I was not sure if I wanted to be pre-dental or a business major so I stayed undeclared to be able to take classes in both majors freshman year to decide,” Barr said.

Unlike the other fairs Toppel hosts, the dress code here is casual and nothing is needed expect for you to show up.  Use acumen and come if you are thinking about whom and what you want to be.  There is also a free raffle for gift certificates for the Rat and bookstore.  And free food.