Two arrested in raid on ZBT house

TANYA THOMPSON // Hurricane Staff
TANYA THOMPSON // Hurricane Staff
TANYA THOMPSON // Hurricane Staff

The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house was raided on Thursday night, the result of an ongoing investigation related to the sale of illegal drugs.

According to, two fraternity members were arrested in the raid. The names of the members arrested have not yet been disclosed.

“The University of Miami is cooperating with Coral Gables Police on this ongoing investigation, and has been in touch with the national organization of ZBT. The University has zero tolerance with regard to illegal drugs on campus,” said Pat Whitely, the vice president for Student Affairs at the University of Miami, in a statement.

The UM-ZBT charter has been temporarily suspended by the national fraternity, according to Shawn Kacker, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) president.

Currently, IFC, ZBT’s national fraternity, and the university are holding investigations.

Possible consequences include ZBT having their charter revoked by UM or a member review, according to Kacker. A member review is when the national fraternity sends down representatives and conducts an interview process with the members of ZBT. They then decide who they want to continue being members of their organization.

Kacker was at the South-East Interfraternity Council Conference in Atlanta over the weekend and therefore his investigation is still at the beginning stages.

Dean Tony Lake, the associate dean of students and director of Judicial Affairs, and Dean Michelle M. Castro, the assistant dean of students and coordinator of Greek Affairs, were also at this conference.

In Nov. 2007, ZBT expelled three of its members after they were accused of assaulting a UM student in a drug-related argument.

Kacker said this case would be taken as a separate issue by the IFC and by UM, but could not speak for the national fraternity.

Attempts to reach ZBT for comment at their house were unsuccessful.

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