Get to know the only SG presidential candidate: Lionel Moise




When you’re among the most active juniors on campus, you might want to dial it down a bit for a relaxing senior year. But rising senior Lionel Moise is taking a different route: running for SG president. With no formal opponents, it looks like he’ll be adding one more accomplishment to his resume.

Moise has a wealth of knowledge and experience guiding his decision making. He was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale and is majoring in broadcast journalism and psychology. Now a Residential Assistant at the University Village, Moise was an orientation leader this past year and is a member of the President’s 100. He is also the first vice president of United Black Students and the chief of staff internal for UM, a role for which oversees five advisory boards: the library, dining services, parking and transportation, UMPD and the auxiliary board.

So how will Moise possibly have time to represent 10,000 students?

“I have always wanted to be involved in Student Government, and this is a perfect opportunity for me. I want to be the voice of the students,” he said. “I still plan on campaigning so I can show the students what I am all about. I am not assuming anything.”

Moise, along with his vice-presidential candidate Kristen Weaver and treasurer Jeremy Kruger, have big aspirations for next year if elected. Their motto is “U Matter, U Decide, U Win.”

Veronica Alvarez, a junior and the first vice president of the Association of Commuter Students (ACS), has known Moise the past two years. They both work on the auxiliary board and cross paths at events when ACS gets together with UBS.

“Lionel is always on task and never complains about having too many things to do,” Alvarez said. “He is constantly leading by example.”

Some of the goals they have set are establishing a movie rental service in the UC. They want to expand the hours of the shuttles to Coconut Grove and Sunset Place on the weekends, and hope to implement a new shuttle that stops at Miracle Mile and also travels once a month on Saturday afternoons to Key Biscayne.

Moise and his team have also placed a priority on making environmentally conscious decisions. They plan on adding more garbage cans around campus and adding bins clearly marked for recyclable items, so people don’t accidentally waste perfectly reusable products. Another goal of the ticket’s is to abandon the trays at both dining halls. They claim it wastes lots of water due to the washing of unnecessary trays.

Furthermore, Moise and his team want to lengthen the quiet hours in the library, particularly on the second floor that closes at midnight during weekdays.

Moise seems prepared for the challenge ahead of him.

“I am taking some political science courses this semester which are helping me,” the unopposed candidate said. “I also spoke with Brandon [Gross] about the responsibilities of being student body president. I realize what it takes, and I am here for the students.”

Lionel Moise Extracurriculars:

  • Residential Assistant at University Village
  • Orientation leader
  • President’s 100
  • First vice president for United Black Students
  • Chief of staff internal for UM