UM’s Kappa Sigma charter revoked by national organization

kappa_sigma_logo_smallThe Epsilon-Beta Kappa Sigma fraternity at the University of Miami is no longer a charted chapter of the organization, according to Mitchell Wilson, the executive director of Kappa Sigma. This punishment was in response to social and alcohol violations contrary to their code of conduct.

This decision was reached after members of this chapter went to San Antonio on Jan. 31 for a hearing. They have 30 days to appeal this decision.

If the appeal is successful then the charter could be given back to this chapter and would receive a lesser punishment.

However, if it fails then Kappa Sigma would leave campus and would not return until a date decided on between the University of Miami and the national Kappa Sigma organization.

“We will wait until the landscape has changed,” Wilson said. “It will be after everyone that is currently a member graduates so we can get a fresh start.”

This decision was made internally by the fraternity and the University of Miami was not involved according to Tony Lake, the associate dean of students.