Gross delivers his State of the U address

Student Government President Brandon Gross delivered his State of the University address at the Student Senate’s weekly meeting on Wednesday.

“He captured what his administration has done and the positive projects they have accomplished,” said Pat Whitely, the vice president for Student Affairs. “He is a great leader.”

He reviewed his “Committed to U” campaign promises including the successful Zipcar program, which will add two more Zipcars next semester.

Other campaign promises Gross highlighted were online registration and a better advising system. Online registration will be available next spring for fall class registration.

“Now, instead of waiting on the line you will be able to do it all online,” he said.

The second part of this goal is still in the process of being completed. Currently, around 1,300 students have responded to the survey that evaluates this system. Completed surveys will be accepted until the end of finals. This project is very high on the university’s agenda, according to Whitely.

Gross’s administration is expanding the Green U initiatives it started this year. The successful UBike program will be back next year; 300 bikes will be available at the start of next semester. SG has a seat on the Green U Round Table, a group of all the green-oriented organizations.

Broadcasting ESPNU in the dormitories has been approved by the university’s administration; however, Comcast is still negotiating with ESPNU about carrying this channel. Once this agreement is made, UM will likely receive this channel.

“ESPNU is something the university really wants to accomplish,” Whitely said.

Gross said the two companies’ dealings are a national issue and it is unclear when it will be completed.

The last issue Gross mentioned is increased shuttle rides on Friday night. The planning for this project is in preliminary stages, according to Whitely. Sponsorship is still needed for these extra rides.

“We have to continue to reach out and see how we can best serve all of you until the end,” Gross said, finishing his speech. “So we make one more promise, that we will keep our commitment to you.”