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CD Review: Ace Hood

After the success of a hit single with T-Pain and Rick Ross, Ace Hood has proven himself as a young and up and coming rapper. With his newest album set to debut in a couple of weeks, Gutta will be one album you definitely should get for the holidays.

Ace Hood’s story first started began after an appearance at DJ Khaled’s birthday bash last year. After the appearance, Hood waited outside for Khaled to come from the stage and handed him a demo tape of his music. Once Khaled listened to the CD later that he called Hood back to set up a formal interview with him and Hood’s representatives.

With the progress of Hood, Khaled signed him, as his first artist to the newly founded We the Best music group was Hood is the featured artist.

Gutta was subsequently released a few weeks ago. The subject matter on the album, however, shows little range for hood. It ranges from drug peddling to songs about making money. This type of banter can be heard on many a major album out, so instead of dwelling on that, more should be said about the way it is done. While the songs demonstrate minimal originality and little thoughtful lyricism, the flows used on Gutta may be loved by those who can appreciate the down south bounce and Florida flavor.

That brings us to musical accompaniment. Some tracks definitely stand out. The energetic thumps from Drumma Boy’s “Get Em Up” and The Runners’ “Cash Flow” mesh well with the theme of the album and create a dirty musical backdrop. The more solemn sounds in “Top of the World” and “Stressin’” add much needed flexibility in production. However, many of the songs sound interchangeable including “Can’t See Y’all” and “Ghetto.”

Each song in Ace Hood’s Gutta symbolizes the growth and maturity that Hood has gone through in his life. The song “Gutta” goes back to his days living in bad neighborhoods in Broward County, Florida where he had to deal with a shootings and robberies.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

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