Our opinion: Be at the Rat for the remaining football games

This space is reserved for the discussion of serious issues. Wide-ranging issues that  have a weighty impact on the entire student body. So this is our call to action: Go to the Rathskeller tonight.

That’s not serious, you say? We say community and your lifelong memories are important things.

Although the Rathskeller has been granted an eleventh-hour stay from the administration (hooray!), we are approaching the last two football games that the Rat, in its current form, will see. Not only that, tonight’s game at Georgia Tech is a Thursday night game, legendary among Hurricanes fans.

So why should you go to the Rathskeller tonight? You can stay at home, or go to the Grove to start your Thursday night party early, so why the Rat? Because the college experience is about learning, but more importantly, it establishes community. While being lazy and staying home is nice, and going to the Grove for access to a full bar is fun, nothing will replace these years.

Ask a senior where they watched the 2005 Miami/Virginia Tech game. If they don’t recall exactly, they weren’t at the Rat. Those who were there will never forget the atmosphere in the old building. As the Hurricanes crushed the Hokies in Blacksburg, the fans at home were rocking and rolling.

So when you’re planning to watch the next two games, the games that could springboard Miami back into the serious power structure of the college Football world, enjoy it with your friends at a familiar old place that won’t be around for too much longer. We hope to see you there.