Hurriqueen: What to do with my frat brother’s former girl?

    Sup Hurriqueen,

    I have a friend who got out of a long-term relationship a few weeks ago. We’ve been fairly close for awhile, but now I’m starting to think we could be more. I don’t know if I’m misreading the signs, or if there are any in the first place. To top it off, one of her ex-boyfriends is one of my frat brothers. Even though it’s been three semesters since the three weeks they dated, I’m still not sure if it would piss him off. How should I proceed? Would I just be another rebound guy?

    ~Stop or Go?


    Dear Stop or Go,

    Your situation and questions tend to contradict the stereotype of the uber-masculine frat guy who rarely thinks about how others feel. Bravo, Mr. Progressive. But now it’s time to man-up and stop asking all of these silly questions.

    First up: Your frat brother’s booty rights over this babe are as “So Yesterday” as Hilary Duff’s singing career. No one should give a shit.

    As for your rebound expiration date, that passed weeks ago. If this woman really needed a pick-me-up, your clothes would’ve already been on her floor, you would’ve already been on your knees, and the two of you would now be on awkward if not non-existent speaking terms.

    Here’s another thing I don’t get: This chick is either giving you signs or she’s not. You weren’t born yesterday, so trust your instincts. Has she spent increasingly more time with you since her breakup? Has she said she wishes more guys were like you? More importantly, is she touchy-feely? Does she confide in you more often? If the answer is a resounding yes, then she’s clearly giving you the signs.

    You must remember that people give the signs for a reason; they want others to take action! And as far as I can tell, you’ve been complacent the last few weeks. Believe me, if she’s really into you, you’re annoying the hell out of her. Act now, and releasing the frustration will make for great sex and romance. Be a pansy about it, and watch your chances go up in flames.

    What’s it gonna be?


    The Hurriqueen

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