Our opinion: Take a look around class and see some familiar faces

Next time you’re in class, look around… check out all the different types of people you see. Here at The Miami Hurricane, we’ve devised a list of stereotypical students you most likely have encountered at one point or another.

Online Poker Fanatic – This student has spent the past 12 hours gambling away his parents’ rent money. If you look closely, he’s actually up $20.

Stock-Tip Boy – In your political science classes, I’m sure you can recall the student in the back of the room shouting out “Sell Microsoft! I’ve been watching it all day and now is the time to sell!”

Wiki-Kid – This student waits for the teacher to ask a question and with precise keystrokes determines the answer quick enough to get extra credit on that next test.

Blackberry Queen – We all know her. You might not think we can hear you typing away at your handheld, but those keys are freaking loud, girl.

The Goth – Your mother thinks it’s only a phase, but talking with your head down and mumbling responses to the prof only weirds us out.

Smelly Boy – Whether they’re right next to you or in the opposite corner of the room, you’re ecstatic when they don’t show up to class.

Jock – Ok, ok, we understand you just came from the gym, but put those guns away, save ‘em for the beach.

We don’t mean to offend anyone, but as our community’s watchdog, we’ve got to keep a look out for annoying archetypes and point them out.