The argument for John McCain for President of the United States

The Miami Hurricane’s Editorial Board met at noon on Nov. 2, 2008, to discuss the endorsement of a candidate for president of the United States. The meeting was open to all staff members on the content side of the newspaper as listed in the masthead located on page 2, which includes the news and assistant news editors, sports and assistant sports editors, photo and assistant photo editors, multimedia editors, EDGE editor, Opinion editor, webmaster and the editor at large. Only those who are responsible for the management of content (section editors and assistants, the editor-in-chief) were permitted to vote.

Discussion lasted 30 minutes, as members of the board discussed the two major candidates. At the conclusion of the 30 minutes, a vote was called, and the final result saw six supporting Sen. John McCain and six supporting Sen. Barack Obama. Therefore, it was decided that two separate arguments would run in the Nov. 3, 2008, edition of The Miami Hurricane, instead of one endorsement, ensuring that no arbitrary tiebreaker was used.

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First and foremost, choose a candidate that best suits you. We are all college students. We have the responsibility to become informed. Voting based on race, ethnicity or gender is both ignorant and irresponsible.

Many people aren’t sure what they want. On that same note, people are positive that they do not want any similarities to the previous eight years. Sen. John McCain is a significant break from President Bush. He has experience working with the Democratic Party and knows what it means to be centrist.  

Working with a democratic congress, McCain will be able to stabilize our weakening economy. If elected, Sen. Barack Obama is sure to take advantage of his democratic legislative wing by passing radical amendments making welfare, healthcare and the redistribution of wealth a constitutional right.  

Our nation was founded on individual freedoms. John McCain will protect those freedoms by giving more power to the people. No longer will the extended arm of government be reaching deeper into your pockets.  

But realize our personal situation as well. Some of us are about to graduate and enter the real world. The state of the economy is disheartening. Businesses are hiring fewer entry-level employees simply because they cannot afford it. 

Obama’s tax hikes for businesses will only worsen our situation.  

Instead of spreading the wealth, John McCain will spread opportunity. Tax breaks for those businesses will lead them to hire new employees – you. 

For those crazies claiming that buying a $20 bag of marijuana funds terrorism, the real funding of terrorism is a result of our oil consumption. John McCain will create an energy independent nation free from the grips of the Middle East. In one of Obama’s 143 days serving inside the Senate walls, he voted for the same bill as President Bush that gave more tax breaks to the oil industry (not to speculate, but maybe this has to do with some of his connections to fundamental leaders of the Arab world). 

For everyone that has heard enough about Obama’s relationship to people like William Ayers and Rashid Khalidi, just know that relationships do matter, even if you’re not in everyday contact with that person. Think about all of the people who you consider your friends, but don’t connect with on a daily basis. You would still back them up or help them out in times of need.  

As we mentioned, many of us are about to enter the job market. One great way to get a head start in this crazy world is to exploit all of our connections. If your father’s partner has an uncle that works at a magazine and you’re looking to be a magazine writer, you would jump all over that. Once you succeed and rise to the top, who do you have to thank? We will always look back and be grateful to the ones who helped us out before we made a name for ourselves. 

For the good of the nation and the well being of our own lives, vote John McCain for president of the United States of America.


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