New concert policies for Homecoming 2008, changes due to Kweli’s shut-down

The University of Miami has changed several policies involving tomorrow’s Homecoming 2008 concert, which will include performances by funk rock band N*E*R*D and opening act Kidz in the Hall, a hip-hop duo, at 9:30 p.m. at the University Green.

The policy changes were implemented due to rapper Talib Kweli’s microphone being abruptly unplugged, mid-song, during last year’s Homecoming concert, which upset many students.

“I remember thinking how messed up it was last year when Talib was cut off,” sophomore Jordan Thomas said. “I hope there isn’t a similar situation this year. That would be a real problem.”

Last year, Talib Kweli began his set nearly 30 minutes late because opening act Robert Randolph and the Family Band’s elaborate set took longer than expected.

This year, Hurricane Productions, UM’s student-run entertainment organization, is introducing a stricter opening act policy. Kidz In the Hall will be allotted a 30 to 45 minute set. After the set is complete, N*E*R*D will immediately follow with an hour and 15 minute set. The University of Miami Police Department will be involved on site, primarily to reinforce security at the event.

“It was a matter of [a miscommunication of] the delays,” said senior Andrew Hunter, Hurricane Productions’ large concert event organizer. “We’ve taken care of that this year with tighter time limits on the opening act.”

UM students are looking forward to this year’s homecoming and Hurricane Productions anticipates an even larger turnout than last year’s event.

“I expect the show to be great,” junior Mike Nyman said. “Whatever happened last year, it’s still a major show. We still get to see N*E*R*D live, and it’s all good!”