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Restaurant Review: Le P’tit Paris is nearly the complete package

With the new restaurant & café Le P’tit Paris, Coconut Grove offers tourists and locals an affordable escape to Europe.

The rich red couches complete with decorative pillows make this Paris-style sidewalk café instantly welcoming. It appears swanky yet unpretentious and the friendly staff adds to the relaxing atmosphere. The bar inside is equally appealing with dark hardwood floors, scarlet walls and iron chandeliers. However, with only three tables inside, the outside seating area is clearly the restaurant’s highlight.

As I was seated, I took notice of the elegant place settings which made the table seem polished and inviting. I was pleasantly surprised by the moderate prices when I scanned the menu, with appetizers ranging from $6 to $12 and entrees starting at $13. Even wine and champagne were generally inexpensive with choices offered at $7 per glass. For wine connoisseurs, more expensive options are available.

After much deliberation, my friend and I decided to order bruschetta for an appetizer. The dish arrived only about three minutes after I placed my order. Both the bread and tomatoes were incredibly fresh and flavorful, and the portion was ideal for two.

As for my main course, I bypassed a variety of steaks and fillets for chicken alfredo. Ironically, my Italian friend described this dish as one of the best pasta dishes she’s had and it was served at a French restaurant. The chicken was moist and savory and the alfredo sauce was creamy but not heavy. Again, the portion was perfect – I barely had any leftovers!

I was sufficiently full by the time dessert rolled around but still ordered a piece of chocolate cake to sample. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with my dessert. It was obvious that the cake was not baked at the restaurant. Even worse, it was also obvious that it was just taken out of a refrigerator and plopped on to a plate. After only one bite I decided I’d had enough.

The classy décor, friendly atmosphere and delicious food make Le P’tit Paris a great new addition to the Grove. The moderate pricing is ideal for students on a budget.  If only the desserts were as fresh as the rest of the menu, this cozy café would have the complete package.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Le P’tit Paris
3464 Main Highway
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 445-7331


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