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CD Review: ‘Murs for President’

Murs for President, a new album from hip-hop artist Murs, is only for those who enjoy hearing intelligent rap music about about real life scenarios.

In his music, Murs relies heavily on his own lyrics to keep the song flowing rather than a musically complicated production. The majority of the songs on his album follow the same pattern of long verses with a single measure break instead of a chorus. Because of this, his songs become more like rap poetry rather than dancing music. It is the music that accompanies the lyrics instead of the latter.

Typically, Murs raps about real girl problems he has had and the lessons that have come out of those. It isn’t the usual sex and money lyrics that make him easy to listen to, but his down-to-earth lines about relationships and the ways he learned to treat women. Some other experiences that show influence in his songs are smoking weed, paying bills and losing cable, and this use of middle class lifestyle-inspired ideas makes his music easy to connect to.

The name Murs is an acronym for Making Underground Raw Shit, and when you buy Murs for President, intelligent real scenario underground rap music is what you will get.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

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