CD Review: Ben Folds’ ‘Way to Normal’

Ben Folds is back! The studio was a much-needed escape for singer/songwriter Ben Folds following his two-year divorce proceedings. Now, Folds’ third LP, Way to Normal, is a celebration of his newfound liberty and return to identity.

Regina Spektor hooks up with Folds for “You Don’t Know Me,” a moving reflection about lovers who realize they don’t understand the most central things about each other. “If I’m the person who you say I am, clueless chump you seem to think I am, so he’s been led astray like an errant dog,” they sing. In my opinion it’s one of the most moving songs on the album.

“The bitch went nuts, she stabbed my basketball and the speakers to my stereo.” Way to Normal is at its most daring during “Bitch Went Nuts,” a sick-nasty track that guarantees to appeal to dumped dudes everywhere. This track almost didn’t make the cut because this was the first time that Folds had written a track with the word “bitch” in it but, Folds being Folds, he decided that the track was just too much fun to leave off the album.

Ben Folds maintains that Way to Normal is the most fun he’s had recording… and with that said, it’s a feeling that will most certainly resonate with listeners.