Restaurant Review: The House of India

The House of India
The House of India
The House of India TIFFANY AGAM // Hurricane Staff

It’s Tuesday night and you’ve are about to step into Chartwells, when you suddenly feel adventurous. You want to try something exotic, something that will take you far away from 2 a.m. camping trips at Richter. Consider the House of India on 22 Merrick Way, right off Miracle Mile. At first glance, the aged appearance of the interior, equipped with crooked booths with fading fabric and tacky décor makes the interior feel dated and in serious need to renovation. But far from the disappointing interior, the food is a different story.

I would recommend the Tandoori Chicken and the chicken tikka masala. The Tandoori chicken was full of rich flavor and served sizzling hot in a bed of fresh onions and peppers while the tikka masala was bathed in a creamy sensational sauce. The tamarind served prior to the appetizer is definitely an addictive starter. However, eat with caution, because one may end up pouring sweet tamarind all over their food because of a developing addiction to that sweet and sour tang.

The paratha bread is sensational, tasting almost like French crepes – flaky and sweet – while the stuffed naan is a bit doughy, thick and bland. The service was great, however my dinner companion and I were the only ones in the restaurant at dinnertime. This odd reality – that the restaurant was empty – seemed a bit shady, but we decided to be daring with our dining decision.

However, it was a not-so-brilliant idea of ours to eat at the House of India before our Yom Kippur fast. Though the food was delicious, it will cause you to crave water to the point of madness. The food made us incredibly thirsty, even after meekly designating that the spiciness level should be mild. The House of India also offers an array of unique liquors and exotic alcoholic beverages that may spark the interest of a brave connoisseur that will pay no heed to the dimly lit, sketchy interior.

An easy-on-the-budget way to try out this restaurant is to pop in for the lunch buffet, which offers all you can eat at a reasonable price.

I give the House of India two out of five stars. The food is pretty good but the atmosphere feels sketchy and even risky. The service is good but the pricing seems too high for the mood and ambience of the place. They offer take out and delivery which is convenient. The area is lovely and is within walking distance of the theatre, Books & Books, and the quaint shops at Miracle Mile. But side streets off of Miracle Mile leave tons of other dinner prospects if you find the House of India to be a bit too “rustic” for your taste.

1.5 out of 5 stars

The House of India
22 Merrick Way
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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