Snorting Adderall and pimples on privates

Q. I am very stressed out and work a lot so I have been taking Adderall, a prescription drug used to help combat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) so I can study. I know a lot of people who are taking it but I’m snorting the stuff to make it work faster and I’m kind of scared that I’m going to get addicted to it. What kind of problems come with snorting this drug?

A. Okay, drugs are bad and you should not do them. Adderall is prescribed in order to regulate patients’ dopamine functioning, and should only be used by those with a dopamine problem. However, because Adderall is a stimulant, many students take it in pill form or by snorting it as a way to increase their focus and gain energy, be it for a test or for a pick-me-up during times of stress. Snorting Adderall allows for direct entry into the bloodstream which helps it work faster and more efficiently. Many people who abuse Adderall assume it is safe because it is a prescription medication, but this is unfortunately, untrue. Those “coming down” from Adderall are likely to experience exhaustion, tension, radical mood swings and depression. Long-term effects can include high and irregular heartbeat, chronic sleeping problems, malnutrition, anxiety and tension, as well as amphetamine psychosis. And snorting the drug, as with any drug, can damage nasal tissue and deteriorate the nasal cartilage as well as lead to tolerance and addiction. Stay away from amphetamines unless you are prescribed, and if you do have a prescription, then please do not share your pills with anyone else and make sure to follow your doctor’s directions. Amphetamine abuse has become a major problem in the academic setting because of the added pressures to do well in school and have a busy social life, and if you have a job on the side, that is just another thing that is going to wear you out and make drugs look enticing as a quick fix. What you really need to do is to evaluate what is important in your life and focus on those things. If you have to work and get good grades, then that is what you need to be focusing on. Take some time for yourself; sit by the pool, relax and take things one thing at a time. Don’t stress; be confident that you will accomplish all of your goals and you will be a better person by doing it without being under the influence of drugs, which will ultimately harm your mind and your body.

Q. Sometimes I notice that I have blemishes in strange places like my butt or between my boobs. Why are they there and what can I do to get rid of them?

A. Well, one of the joys of living in Miami is that its hot. One of the pains about living in Miami is… it’s freaking hot! I don’t know about you, but I cant go outside without sweating which is especially annoying if you are wearing jeans, shorts or a bra. When it’s hot, we sweat; when we sweat, it gets caught between flesh or between flesh and skin. This is the problem with wearing jeans in 90 degree weather. The best thing to do is to wear loose clothing like a skirt and loose top so that your body can breathe. For cleavage, you may have to take a more direct approach since you’re probably unlikely to go out without a bra on. Use a little cleansing lotion between the twins during your shower once a day – that should help keep the buggers at bay and prevent your chest from looking like a land mine. You can use an astringent just like on your face on those areas, and the problem should clear up in no time. Same goes for the behind, but keep in mind that loose clothing will help a lot. If you want to be really careful, you could even go without underwear, which your boyfriend would also appreciate.