Our Opinion: Don’t go through life without really living

If there is any time to jump out of the daily norm and go on a spontaneous adventure, it is now. Oh the college years. We’re all going to look back and have a little chuckle. The parties, the girls, the guys, the booze, the drugs…

For some, it may all seem like a blur, but there is a guaranteed way to ensure you remember SOMETHING specific from these four fabulous years. Freshman Jamshed Jehangir decided he was going to make his memory. A native of Illinois, he woke up one morning and decided to go on a bike ride. But not just any old bike ride – the one goal he set for himself was to reach Miami. Thousands of tire spins and 17 days later, he and his bicycle arrived at UM in one piece. The trip of a lifetime.

This is a lesson, or more of an example of something we all should look to follow. We all have the opportunity to make these four years the most memorable and exciting times of our lives, but how many of us actually take advantage of this?

Just a few miles away, in almost every direction, are the Everglades. Close enough, the ‘Glades offer a huge variety of exciting and unique activities such as air-boating, alligator sight-seeing, and boar hunting. If you’re looking for a more national experience, why not take a road trip to Mardi Gras, or Yellowstone National Park?

The time for adventure and excitement is now and it is just around the corner. In the blink of an eye, we’ll be hunched over, with our wheelchairs and walkers, pondering, “what if we had gone to…” or “imagine who we would have met if…”

Screw the “what if’s”, let’s make it, “remember when…?”