Curbing blackberry addiction; using color therapy to de-stress


I’m addicted to my Blackberry. Give me some tips to regain my sanity and become an active contributor to society again.


STOP! Put the Crackberry down and back away! Wait a minute; I’m the one writing this column on mine right now. The first thing you want to do to wean yourself off of this silly convenient thing is to put it away for a few hours. Now I know this may be difficult, especially if it is usually superglued to your hand, but try to go to your classes without it. Trust me, the world will not end if you don’t have it for a few hours and you may even have some fun surprises waiting for you when you get back to it. I personally love finding out how much people love me by how many missed calls, texts and e-mails I have in my inbox after having left it alone for a while. Also, try to send letters once in a while. I refuse to send thank you’s to people on the Internet; it’s not very personal and it’s nice when someone gets an actual card in the mail. It also makes a good impression. Try going without your Crackberry for a weekend; don’t worry, people can wait for you to get back to them for a few days. However, if your Blackberry is also your phone, don’t forget to let your parents know that you’re going on the DL for a day or two. Just remember: Blackberries are great and convenient but are also a poor substitute for real human interaction.



What colors are known to boost mood?


Personally, I love bright pink when I’m down, but any bright color will do the trick. Actually, a multitude of bright patterns are great mood boosters. Colors have different meanings in different cultures, but American children grow up with bright colors and sunny pictures and the effects of those colors on our psyche will continue to influence us as we grow older. This is because they are associated with good memories and positive feelings. Here are some colors to seek out and avoid depending on your mood.

Red: speeds up the body’s metabolism with passion and excitement 

Light red/pink: inspires romanticism, sexuality

Dark red: gives the impression of royalty and elegance

Yellow: makes one feel cheery

Lighter yellow: will make you feel laid-back and breezy, but dark yellows can overpower an image

Blue: the most calming color; light blue soothes while dark blue adds a look of dignity

Green:  evokes a peaceful feeling

Brighter green: stimulating and uplifting, while dark green is calm and quiet