“Naughti” MP3 player technology presents safe sex option

College students now have a “Naughti” new way to practice safe sex.

NaughtiNano, released in June by sex technology company OhMiBod, is a $69 sexual device that plugs into any MP3 player with an earphone slot and vibrates to the rhythm of the song that the device is playing. 

OhMiBod also makes other sexual toys. This includes the BodiTalks, a phone device that, like the NaughtiNano, vibrates. However, the speed of the vibrations is dependent on the voice speed and fluctuations of the person on the other end of the phone. 

OhMiBod representatives say they hope that products like the NaughtiNano will enable people to feel more comfortable about sexual topics.

“Some couples are very skittish when it comes to talking about sex,” Erika M. Taylor, OhMiBod’s chief publicist, said. “OhMiBod products make it easy for couples to have this conversation. It can start out about what type of music turns you on and lead into other sex talks.” 

The NaughtiNano will be renamed the NaughtiBod in January.

OhMiBod has two new products that are being developed for early next year but they are keeping the details under wraps.