Report Card: Miami vs. Florida

Quarterbacks – C+

It wasn’t a bad debut for Robert Marve. Marve didn’t turn the ball over and he surely didn’t look scared against the Gators. He even had designed runs up the middle. Marve looked really good on the run and with play action. Despite playing only two series, Jacory Harris came in poised against the Gators. The problem is they didn’t do anything to help fuel a Canes touchdown, either.

Running Back – C

It is tough to see your number one running back Javarris James get injured in the first quarter. Graig Cooper had to carry the load for the most of the game and finished with only 36 yards. It was a difficult night for the Hurricanes to get anything against the Gators.

Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends – C-

The wide out core came out with two dropped passes on the first series for the Hurricanes. That cannot happen with a young quarterback group. But they did rebound and play well for the rest of game. Both groups need to get more separation against their defenders. Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix has to find a way to get his playmakers the ball in the open field.

Offensive Line – C

It was a rough night for the O-Line. They struggled blocking the front four and never seemed to make it to the next level. The good part about the line was they gave Marve time to get the ball off. It all starts up front.

Defensive Line – A-

Do not let the score deceive you. They were getting after Tim Tebow. It seemed like Tebow got agitated getting hit every single play. The player rotation was great, and each player didn’t miss a beat. Florida couldn’t get the running game going at all except when Tebow would scramble down field on good coverage. If they can bring this every week then the Canes will be in great shape.

Linebackers – B

Once again do not let the score deceive you. The linebacker crew was flying around and was laying the wood. They did leave the field open a couple times, but they were stopping everything that came in the field. They hardly missed a tackle, which is a great sign for the rest of the season. Freshman Sean Spence looked impressive and seemed to be all over the field. Spence will be a freshman All-American.

Secondary – C

The D-backs held their own for a while against the Gators. Safety Anthony Reddick was playing with plenty of intensity out there. The Canes still haven’t had an interception this season.

Special Teams – F

After getting an A+ last week, the Canes’ special teams unit couldn’t pull out the same grade. They didn’t execute their game plan against Florida. Matt Bosher’s 14-yard shank punt on the Canes’ first series set up Florida’s first touchdown. Bosher’s blocked punt led to a safety. That’s nine points that were given to the Gators. Also, the Hurricanes have to find someone who will become a threat on kick returns.

Coaching – D+

Randy Shannon did his part in preparing his team to face a difficult team at a hostile stadium. The team was focused but had some early game jitters. This grade is mostly put on offensive coordinator Patrick Nix. Nix needs to unleash Marve more. Some shots down field need to be taken if they wanted to pull an upset. Young is the saving grace here, as he was very impressive with his play calls and his squad kept Tebow contained for three quarters. The defensive line and linebacker schemes had Tebow and the offensive line confused. Young is dedicated to making the Hurricanes a top defense in the nation.