University to remain open through Monday night, expects to open tomorrow as scheduled

Satellite Imagery of Hurricane Ike as of 1 p.m. Monday. NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER

The University of Miami will remain open as scheduled for the forseeable future, according to the school’s Crisis Decision Team.

As Hurricane Ike continues to track southward towards Cuba and away from South Florida, the threat posed from the storm continues to diminish. The CDT will meet again tonight at 6:30 p.m. to discuss any changes to the forecast, but the participants of the meeting clearly stated that they expected the university to open tomorrow.

As of the most recent update from the National Hurricane Center (11 a.m.), Hurricane Ike is a category two storm with sustained winds at 100 miles per hour located approximately 350 miles south southeast of the University of Miami campus, moving west at 14 m.p.h. The Miami metro area is expected to receive some impact from the storm, but it’s unknown how much at this point.


The university will be updating its storm website ( and its Hurricane Hotline (305-284-5151) throughout the storm.

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