Wasted condoms and toilet STDs

Q. I heard if you keep a condom in your wallet, it may not work later. Is that true?

A. Yes! I realize that you guys like to keep a condom in your wallet on the off chance that you talk some poor soul into sleeping with you, but by doing this you are going to damage the condom, opening yourself to STDs and maybe pregnancy due to friction and temperature. Let’s face it, condom prices are almost as high as gas prices so keep the condoms elsewhere, boys! 

Q. Can I get an STD from the toilet in my dorm?

A. No, that is a myth. Although it is sad and disturbing that your roommate has an STD, you are not at risk from sitting on the toilet. However, public toilets are disgusting and, seeing as how you are sharing your toilet with other people, I strongly suggest keeping it super clean, STD or no STD. Now, you can get an STD from your roommate if you have any sexual contact with them, including oral, anal, or you share needles or are exposure to infected blood and genital secretions. So don’t have sex with your roommate and make sure that they know to