Patel: Canes returning to prominence with College GameDay appearance

Pravin Patel

Pravin Patel

Pravin Patel

Once, the envy of the college football world, sitting atop a mountain that seemed insurmountable for those struggling to reach the peak. Recently, a team that was in need of a major makeover. Now, a program that looks to reclaim its position in the upper echelon of college football.

The University of Miami is back where it belongs, on College GameDay.

After being devoid of a College GameDay appearance for almost three years, the University of Miami returns, and they will look to make a statement.

The Canes thrive when they are featured on College GameDay. They haven’t lost a regular season GameDay game since they were downed by Virginia Tech in 1999. Since then, the Canes are 9-0 with three wins over Florida State, two over Virginia Tech, and wins against Florida, Tennessee, Syracuse and North Carolina State.

The point: Don’t underestimate this Miami team.

Yes, they are young. Yes, they are inexperienced. Yes, they are facing No. 5 Florida. But on Saturday, all this gets thrown out the window. Despite the fact that UF is a three touchdown favorite, on any given Saturday, anything can happen.  

The Canes are headed into a hostile environment, having to face UF at The Swamp. But don’t think that the Canes are walking into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium alone.

Although the Canes won’t have anything similar to the numbers UF will have in the stadium, the Hurricanes faithful that do make the journey will by no means be made timid by this intimidating environment.

They will come loud, and they will come proud, sporting the orange and green.

Have no doubt, Canes fans understand the importance of this game. A loss will leave all sorts of question marks. But a win means the Canes are back.

In a season where the Atlantic Coast Conference does not look as strong as in years past, this young Canes team will be looking to make an emphatic statement in front of the world on College GameDay.

Canes fans understand the implications of this game. They understand that they are walking into a place where they are unwelcome. They know that there is absolutely no chance that Corso or Herbstreit will pick UM to win this game.

Do know this though: When Corso and Herbstreit do announce their predictions, both will be submerged under an avalanche of boos from diehard Canes fans. And if the Canes are to pull out this upset, that stadium of over 72,000 will be reverberating as Hurricanes fans will let loose an absolute storm.