People You Should Know: SG President Brandon Gross

BIG TIME: From left, SG Vice President Claudio Medina, President Brandon Gross and Treasurer Shajeno Erazo. Photo by Chelsea Matiash // Hurricane Staff

Senior Brandon Gross is the Student Government president. He is double majoring in public relations and sports administration.

What’s your SG job like? 

Gross described his job as “a little bit of everything.” He serves as the face of the student body, works with the Alumni Association, attends events for student representation, and if issues are brought to him, he must ensure that they are “brought to the right people” and work to resolve the problem.   

Why is that important? 

“Students have to have a voice,” Gross said. “Someone might not know the right route to take. We’re able to get a lot of things done.” 

What’s the most gratifying thing about being in SG? 

“The different people you meet and the unique and cool experiences you have as a result of interacting with faculty, staff, alumni, etc.,” he said.  

What’s a typical day in the life of an SG president? 

“It depends on the day,” Gross said with a laugh. Though he can count on his usual daily and weekly meetings, Gross stressed that random things pop up frequently. “Hey, can you be here at…” is a phone call he receives regularly. “I wake up early and I go to bed late,” he said simply. “I don’t have too much down time.” His fraternity brothers whom he lives with asked him the other day, “Do you even live here?” 

Best thing about the U? 

“The unique people you meet,” he said. 

What do you do for fun on the weekend? 

Somewhat perplexed and after long contemplation, Gross said, “I try to relax. Though I like to be busy, sometimes you just have to be lazy.”