Dan Lazaro announces support for Jeremy Crystal, ‘All About U’

POSTED FEB. 29 AT 12:32 A.M.

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Within minutes of the announcement that there would be a run-off election for Student Government president, now former candidate Dan Lazaro relayed his official support of the “All About U” ticket to its presidential candidate, Jeremy Crystal.

“They will be a lot more able to get things done with students and administrators, and [by] having an open-door policy that doesn’t exist now,” Lazaro told The Miami Hurricane Thursday night. He will also be actively campaigning for Crystal.

Crystal told The Hurricane he became friends with Lazaro during the campaign. The two discussed the possibility of a run-off, as well what each would do if that were to occur, but Crystal emphasized there was no set arrangement to endorse one another if that were to occur.

Crystal, who garned 808 votes, will face Brandon Gross, who garnered 807, in a second round of voting Monday through Wednesday. (Read coverage of Thursday’s election announcement here.)

Lazaro, who garned 457, changed his Facebook photo to an image of Crystal’s palm card and announced via a status update that he “thanks you for all of your support! We are now supporting the All About U family and Jeremy Crystal for President!”

Kimberly Thompson, Lazaro’s former vice presidential running mate, declined to comment until after she speaks with Lazaro tomorrow. A message left for Kristina Rosales, former “Make It Happen for U” candidate for treasurer, Thursday night was not returned by the time of posting.

Lazaro said he discussed with his running mates his intention to support Crystal’s ticket before the election if the election came to a run-off vote between Crystal and Gross.

After news of the run-off came, he walked over to Crystal.

“I talked to him right after the votes were announced and he was willing to look into some of our platforms in addition to what they already had,” Lazaro said.

As to why he endorsed Crystal, Lazaro said there was not one specific reason, rather it was the “combination of the candidates on the ticket.”

“I hope a lot of the people that believed in us originally look towards Jeremy as the more closely aligned ticket and end up supporting him,” said Lazaro, acknowledging that not all of his supporters will mirror his support of “All About U.”

Gross, the presidential candidate for “Committed to U,” told The Hurricane he was surprised by Lazaro’s announcement supporting Crystal, but said his ticket is staying positive.

“I think that a lot of his supporters will start supporting my team because they know our commitment to the Greek system and the university system we’ve served,” Gross said.

“I really think that our team still has the realistic platforms and the ability to get the things we promised done. I think the students and the voters will start to recognize that and hopefully will show next week.”

Run-off voting will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday through Wednesday in the UC Breezeway.

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