School of Business creates council

The University of Miami School of Business has launched the Hyperion Council, a service organization for undergraduate students who desire to use their classroom training to help the disadvantaged in greater Miami.
The Hyperion Council encourages undergraduate business students to gain leadership experience by developing projects that strengthen the bonds between the local business and university communities. It honors students and alumni who exemplify the core values of integrity, fortitude, resilience, excellence and initiative.

The objectives of the Council are to:
I Promote the ideals of good corporate citizenship;
I Recognize the students from the School of Business who most exemplify the Council’s core values;
I Foster a unique esprit de corps among students, faculty and alumni from the School of Business;
I Strengthen the bonds between the University of Miami and the local community.

“Our goal is to help the best and the brightest of our students learn that ethical business practices aren’t theoretical classroom exercises,” says Ellen McPhillip, director of undergraduate admissions for the School of Business and advisor to the Hyperion Council. “Using the principles of private enterprise to help the disadvantaged will not only help them personally but also help the community grow in a positive way.”
Students interested in joining the Hyperion Council must apply. To be eligible, a student must have completed at least 45 credits (three semesters) at the University of Miami and have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher. Those selected are known as Titans. The first group of Titans, 13 in all, was inducted into membership on May 4.
The goal for projects initiated by the Titans is to become self-sustaining, continuing to benefit the community after the students who created them have graduated. “It’s a way for young people to leave a tangible legacy at an early age,” says McPhillip.
The Hyperion Council was recently accepted as a chapter of Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE), a global, non-profit, student service organization on more than 1,500 campuses dedicated to spreading the values of free enterprise. The Hyperion Council’s community projects will be eligible to be entered in SIFE’s annual competition.I

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