news briefs

In music news, ill rocker Beck is going on tour with wack-music mongers Dashboard Confessional (wha?). We weren’t too sure what to think of this, but it turns out that both artists are affiliated with Interscope Records (Beck is on the label and DC are distributed by them). Anyway, Beck’s also making an appearance on coarse-voiced crooner Macy Gray’s new album, The Trouble with Being Myself. Check for tour dates.

Anger Management, a new blockbuster comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson, ripped apart the charts by selling a record $44.5 million worth of tickets in the first three days since it opened, which equals more than the revenue of the rest of the top 10 new flicks combined. Pairing these two irreverent star actors definitely contributed to the movie’s success.

In more film news, Andy Garcia wants to make Godfather 4. Despite that author Mario Puzo and director Francis Coppola discussed a fourth film that would focus on Sonny Corleone in his 20s, Paramount Pictures refused to give the green light. It’ll never top the first anyway. Moreover, although the last two sequels failed at the box office, Exorcist: The Beginning is presently in production, starring Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgaard in Max von Sydow’s former role as Father Merrin and it’s directed by Paul Shrader of Taxi Driver fame, who’s looking to put his own twist on the story: it will take place 3 years after WWII when Merrin first encounters the devil in North Africa. A release date is set for July 18.

DJ Funkmaster Flex (NYC’s Hot 97) pleaded guilty to harassment and escaped assault charges against radio personality Steph Lova. Supposedly, Lova let rapper Nas accuse Flex of accepting payola on her show and Flex caught her outside studio offices and smacked her up.