Boniface finishes strong season

An accomplished senior, Dan Boniface, is on his way out of the University of Miami as a student, but would like to return next year to help out as an assistant coach to help future stars grow as student-athletes.
Boniface has broken the school’s record for the 3000 meters three times. Despite all of his success, Boniface is a tireless worker who demands constant improvement.
Boniface recently placed second in the 5000 meters at the USF Invitational. He is also heading to California on Thursday for one of the most significant distance meets in the country.
“I am honored that I was invited,” Boniface said. “It is just going to be the coach and me, so I am looking forward to it.”
He is also a leader for the new athletes that joined the Hurricane team this past season.
“I think back a couple of years to when I was a freshman and I remember how the older guys helped me out a lot,” he said.
Boniface originally came from Seattle and lived in Colorado for a while as a child. The senior claimed that the running conditions are very different in all three areas. The change in conditions can make it harder to run, especially when running long distances.
“Here it is humid, in Seattle it is wet, and in Colorado the altitude makes running tough,” Boniface said. “I’d rather run in Seattle and Colorado than here because there is less traffic.”
The Big East Championships are coming up and Boniface is excited because this will determine how successful of a season it has been for him. Last year he placed fourth and would like to place even higher this year.
Running is different than most sports, in that you do not get a day off.
“I have to run everyday unlike some other team sports where it is easier to take a day off,” he said.
The goal this year is to qualify for regionals. The time it takes to qualify is 9:12 and the school record is 9:07.
“I would really like to go to regionals this year,” Boniface said. “It is my last year and I want to do well.”
Boniface has received a job as the assistant editor of a news weekly magazine called The Period. He is already working 40 hours a week as well as balancing schoolwork and his workouts.
“It is very hectic right now with working 40 hours, going to school, and running everyday,” he said.
In the summer Boniface will have more time on his hands. Without school and track everyday, Boniface will enjoy a much deserved relaxation period.