Turn on the Sex Machine

She-devils, pasties, tons of cleavage and underboobs, whips, thigh-highs, and more…mmm, sounds real kinky, and it is. Tucked far away from the posh Miami Design District and the other pretentious art areas of Miami comes a raw, uninhibited exhibit entitled Pinups Forever at the Wild Seduction Gallery.

Setting up its reputation for racy, erotic art exhibits after their first show, Art and Lust, last spring, Wild Seduction presents its second show to date in Miami. Featuring three different artists, each with their own unique interpretation of pinups, this exhibit serves to tantalize and titillate your profound sexual underside. Strap on some leather panties chained up to your nipple piercings and you’re ready to go-enter and explore the wild, unrestrained dungeon of lust and desire…

Having published her work in Hustler and Siren and Axcess, Christine Karas likes to paint acrylics on canvas and portray voluptuous vixens in leather with bright, bold colors and design.

All her paintings carry the flavor of the 1950s style pinup with a lemon-lime twist of her own. “Dominatrix Gator Gals” depicts two girls back to back-one with black hair and the other a redhead-completely nude with the exception of pasties, boots, gloves and whips…looks nasty.
Each is holding an alligator by the tip of their tail. The black background is cropped by a leopard pattern in the top corners and in the bottom third of the painting. Moreover, two signs exclaim: “Live nude! Gator Wrasslin” and “See our Swamp Sirens in Action!”

Kristen Thiele, recently awarded the title of “Best New Artist of the Year” by the Miami New Times, uses hand silk-screen printing. This artist’s concentration is making posters for bands and concerts. “Girl on the Moon” has a female sitting seductively on a perfect neon yellow crescent moon hanging in a bright blue sky surrounded by stars.

The vixen is dressed in a purple leotard ensemble, which accentuates the disparity of the cloth’s color against her stark white skin, and pixilated thigh-highs complete the outfit. Even more, this poster glows in the dark and makes for a great blacklight object of fantasy and reverie. In contrast to Karas’ style of work, Thiele’s art is more comical in design, whereas Karas is more realistic.

Furthermore, Javier de Pison and Pili Cano, owners of the gallery, also decided to showcase their very own flavor of artistic eroticism.
Their digitally manipulated photographs give a surrealistic feel that is very sensual and lets the viewer sink into a wistful daydream. “Woman in Flames” is a lady flung upon a bed with red sheets. The swirled, wavy texture bestows the piece with a bewitching and very alluring quality.

Pinups Forever runs through Dec. 30 at the Wild Seduction Gallery, 2762 NW 22nd St., Miami. Log on to www.wildseduction.com for more info.

Kira Wisniewski can be reached at kira@punks.net