Entertainment News

Once again proving his box office gusto, Denzel Washington’s new drama John Q took charge at movie theaters and debuted with a strong $20.6 million, an almost identical opening to his last film Training Day, which pulled in $22.6 last October. Britney Spears’ Crossroads arrived at number two with a profitable $14.6, and probably solidified more feature films in her future. In accordance with Oscar nomination dominance, A Beautiful Mind and Fellowship of the Ring both saw their totals jump from the prior weekend, to totals of $124.7 million and $277.9 million respectively.

Stephen and Julian Marley were arrested for marijuana possession after police in Tallahassee, Fla. pulled over their Mercedes-Benz for speeding and smelled a strong aroma of marijuana upon approaching the vehicle. After performing a search, police found a total of eight large joints and cigarette rolling papers. The brothers were charged and posted bail shortly after.

J to tha oh-no. Jennifer Lopez’s new remix album J to tha L-O debuted at the top of the album charts, selling 156,000 copies in its first week. According to her record label it is the first remix album in history to reach number one. Everything else on the chart remained stagnant, with releases by Alan Jackson and Barry Manilow taking the next two spots and Nas’s Stillmatic exiting the top 10 after a lengthy run.

After a string of flops, Jim Carrey is considering the semi-serious Bruce Almighty as his next film. Carrey would play a man whose constant condemnation of God backfires when the “Almighty One” forces him to takeover his holy duties for a day.

Marion “Suge” Knight’s vengeful comments at the recent West Coast Hip Hop Summit in Beverly Hills have generated as much press as the summit itself. The meeting, organized by Def Jam founder Russell Simmons to discuss the use of violent lyrics and the overall direction of rap music, reportedly ran amuck when Knight was asked to speak and began criticizing musicians ranging from Eminem to Janet Jackson. What reportedly took most attendees off guard was Knight’s blatant proclamation that women are naturally inferior and lack the ability to become sufficient leaders.